Access Control Melbourne

A digital access control system gives you unprecedented control over who can access your premises. The benefits provided by an access control system make it a wise investment. Whether you’re a growing business or a homeowner, RAM Security Locksmiths can provide the best access control systems in Melbourne.

Access Control Solutions for Melbourne Clients

RAM Security Locksmiths can design and implement access control systems for Melbourne businesses and corporations. We provide a complete range of card and biometric access control systems.

By installing a digital access control system, you can:

  • Protect your staff by keeping unwanted visitors out of controlled areas. You can also protect staff from potentially dangerous locations like machine rooms and forklift areas.
  • Provide access records. A digital access control system can be linked to a database, automatically keeping access records for security, building management, and payroll verification purposes.
  • Improve productivity by restricting unwanted traffic. This allows you to keep areas clear for those who need to use them. You can even configure time-based access.
  • Streamline access across multiple premises. No more dealing with separate sets of keys across different offices – you can configure staff access privileges across every building they work in.

Supporting User Safety

As well as security, digital access control systems promote safety in the workplace. You can keep unwanted intruders out of your building as well as preventing potential hazards inside the workplace. Digital access control systems are easy to use for approved personnel and highly effective at preventing unauthorised entry.

Top Security Features

The three main security features of digital access control systems are:

  1. Electronic locking: Forget locks and keys. Our advanced access control systems will unlock electronically when accessed by authorised access cards or biometrics (such as fingerprints).
  2. Control panel: The scanners on your doors communicate with a control panel in a secure location to verify credentials and unlock the door.
  3. Access control database: Remotely store permissions and record every instance of when someone accesses a secure space. This allows you to track activity for added security.

Access Control System Installation in Melbourne

All installation and maintenance work is carried out by the fully qualified and security-checked technicians at RAM Security Locksmiths. With years of experience, you can expect fast, professional, and seamless installations.

Contact us now to arrange an access control installation in Melbourne.

Residential and Commercial Access Control in Melbourne

Whether you’re looking for a simple access control system at home or a large-scale solution for your business, RAM Security Locksmiths is here to help. Talk to our team for residential and commercial access control in Melbourne and Perth.


Family homes may opt for electronic locks and access control systems rather than the traditional lock and key system. Access control systems can utilise codes, cards, or biometrics for easy access to your property. A residential access control system may be perfect for your holiday home or rental property.


Digital access control systems are ideal for growing businesses and established corporations alike. By controlling who goes where, you can increase security, safety, and productivity. Our systems are ideal for schools, small and medium businesses, large enterprises, places of worship, and much more.

To discuss your needs further or request an obligation-free quote, contact us today. Call our Melbourne or Perth professionals for local access control services.