SALTO Access Control – Protecting Your Business

RAM Security Locksmiths stocks innovative and reliable security systems from SALTO. If you’re looking for quality commercial access control, choose SALTO. These products are forward-thinking and brilliantly engineered, making them a valuable asset for business owners.

Melbourne and Perth business owners can enjoy unprecedented security with SALTO access control. These systems allow you to restrict and control access to different parts of your building, boosting efficiency and keeping unwanted visitors away.

SALTO access control systems communicate wirelessly with PC-based programming software, making lock reprogramming or re-keying unnecessary. This also allows you to install access control on more doors than many other systems.

SALTO access control uses RFID smartcard technology, and online/offline electronic locksets, putting it far ahead of its competitors.

SALTO Locks – Melbourne and Perth

RAM Security Locksmiths is a proud supplier of SALTO locks in multiple Australian cities, including Melbourne and Perth. Across the board, SALTO’s wireless and electronic locks not only come with lower installation costs, but also had additional security for those hard-to-reach areas.

During installation, RAM Locksmiths can provide SALTO key card access that allows you to easily control who has authorisation to enter and exit lock your property. These locks also electronically communicate with SALTO software, allowing you to keep records for security, building management and payroll verification purposes.

If you are looking to arrange installation in your city, reach out to your local RAM provider now!

SALTO Key Cards

SALTO key cards and locks can be programmed to control access to various parts of a building, with all of this information being transferred to the computer. This provides you with information about when and where locks were used and whether access was allowed or denied.

If you’re looking for reliable SALTO door hardware, turn to RAM Security Locksmiths for end-to-end supply, installation and maintenance.

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