Galaxy Master Key Systems

Galaxy is one of the premier security system brands on the market today. At RAM Security Locksmiths, we can supply and install a range of Galaxy locking systems in Melbourne and Perth. Galaxy locks are brilliantly engineered and manufactured, ensuring superior protection for you.

Galaxy products are designed to be convenient without compromising on security. Their streamlined designs mean that there is no need for tumbler pins or coded discs to create permutations. Instead, Galaxy’s Computerised Numerical Control machine cuts the key and code bar at once. This increases a locksmith’s efficiency while ensuring a high-quality end result.

Galaxy’s master key systems are especially popular among business owners. With a Galaxy master key system, you will obtain exclusive access to all areas of your building and you can control who accesses each area. For example, you may give your office manager a key to all the conference rooms but not to the CFO’s office.

Galaxy Door Locks in Melbourne and Perth

RAM Security Locksmiths supplies and installs Galaxy door locks throughout Melbourne and Perth, protecting businesses and providing peace of mind to residents. The tough hardware and ingenious technology behind Galaxy door locks ensure business owners can protect their premises from intruders while controlling access among their own staff.

Whether you prefer an old-fashioned set of keys, a Galaxy master key system, or electronic locks, RAM Security Locksmiths will provide a security system that protects your entire premises.

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