BiLock Exclusive Master Key System

There’s a reason BiLock is the most recognisable and relied upon master key system in the world.

The BiLock Exclusive lock and key system features 12 tumbler pins, a unique security rod, and an additional 14th and 15th locking dimension. This equates to more than 16.8 million possible combinations, two unique codes for extra protection, and the highest level of security for your needs.

Whether you’re installing a new access control system or retrofitting an existing one, BiLock Exclusive is easy to integrate on your property. BiLock Exclusive converts any lock, providing extra security without the need for more keys!

The unique key head on the BiLock Exclusive is available in 22 colours and more than 8,000 combinations, and it can also be chipped for compatibility with electronic systems.
Other advantages of the BiLock Exclusive system include:

  • A drill-resistant, pick-resistant, bump-proof design
  • A long patent that protects against imitation
  • A design that’s compliant to AS4145.2
  • A range of colour options to simplify access restriction

BiLock is the master key system of choice for the Royal Australian Mint, the Bank of America, many Las Vegas Casinos, and a range of other high-security locations.

With RAM Security Locksmiths, you can implement the BiLock Exclusive system at your corporate office, school, hotel or any other commercial or industrial property.

The BiLock Padlocks

RAM Security Locksmiths is the leading supplier of BiLock products in Australia. As one of the most renowned brands on the market, BiLock padlocks and cylinders are used by government institutions, universities, casinos and hospital facilities.

Because BiLock padlocks have a classic look, they are also favoured by many homeowners who want to protect their family and belongings. Other brands on the market claim to have bump proof locks, but when put to the test, they do not stand a chance against a skilled burglar.

BiLock padlocks and cylinders have also been proven to be some of the highest security products on the market. Time and time again, they live up to their claim of being completely pick and bump proof.

The BiLock Cylinders

BiLock cylinders are famously pick and bump proof. This is one of the key reasons they deliver a superior level of protection. RAM Security Locksmiths supply a vast range of BiLock cylinders to homes and businesses. Their classic design and practical hardiness make them a popular choice among our customers.

BiLock not only provides quality padlocks and cylinders. They also ensure that their keys are of the utmost quality. Unauthorised key duplication is one of the biggest threats in the security industry. BiLock prevents this by putting patents on their keys to control the production and distribution of blanks.

For superior products from BiLock in Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth, turn to RAM Security Locksmiths.

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