Master Key System

By securing all locks with a single master key system, you can control who goes where on your premises – meaning your staff will only be in the areas they need to in order to do their job!

There is often some confusion about restricted master key systems. Simply put, a master lock and key system consists of a group of different locks which can all be opened by one key (the master key). Each lock can also be opened by an individual key (the change key), which cannot open any other locks. This allows you to easily manage access to different parts of your building.

The term restricted refers to the fact that keys for these systems cannot be duplicated without written authorisation.

When you install a master key lock system at your property, you can:

  • Clearly define which staff members have access to different areas of your building
  • Simplify organisational processes
  • Secure every master key lock throughout your building with just one key
  • Ensure no one can duplicate your key without your permission

There are many advantages to installing a master key for all locks. Melbourne and Perth businesses can call RAM Security Locksmiths today for a complete master key door lock system.

Your Go-to Locksmith for Restricted Master Key Systems

RAM Security Locksmiths will consult with you to design, install and maintain master key locks in Melbourne and Perth. We use only the most secure master key hardware provided by BiLock, Lockwood Twin, Abloy, & Generation Six. These systems provide advanced resistance to picking and drilling and can be retrofitted to most existing Lockwood locks.

To discuss your needs further or request an obligation-free quote, contact us.

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As an experienced master key company, we can supply state-of-the-art keys for residential or commercial properties. Our staff only work with trustworthy brands and manufactures, ensuring that you receive a master key system that lasts.

If you need to upgrade your security, we highly recommend integrating locks with a master key. Reach out to us now for a free quote!