Car Key Transponders

The automotive locksmiths at RAM are security specialists with the knowledge and skills to protect your car. Our team is experienced in the locking and security systems used in all makes and models, including motorcycles, European cars, and prestige vehicles. When you enlist the help of our car locksmiths in Melbourne, you will be able to drive away or park your car with confidence.

Replacing car keys is no longer a simple job of cutting a key. Modern vehicles usually need a transponder chip in the head of the key that’s programmed and matched to the vehicle’s immobiliser system.

We have the expertise and specialised transponder/ECU programming to produce working keys for your vehicle. Contact us now for reliable replacement transponder keys in Melbourne.

Why Turn to RAM for Transponder Keys in Melbourne?

Need a new transponder key in Melbourne? If all keys are lost, this can be a complicated, time-consuming and expensive process. On the other hand, cutting a spare key and cloning the transponder data from an existing key is not only faster, but also a more affordable option.

As specialists in auto key transponders, Melbourne locals can rely on the RAM team to quickly, efficiently, and affordably cut a spare car key for you. We have the skills, experience, equipment and knowledge to create replacement transponders within a quick turnaround.

Visit our showroom and workshop at 122 Foster Street, Dandenong 3175, or give us a call today to have your spare car key cut. Alternatively, you can always call us on 1300 13 77 26!