Bump Proof Locks

Whether you’ve seen it on the news or experienced it yourself, there is no doubt that lock bumping is a growing threat. Lock bumping is especially concerning because it can be used to force mechanical locks without any signs of intrusion. This technique can be used on the majority of locks, which means your home or business may be at risk.

Luckily, bump proof locks are an effective solution that safeguard your property from these threats. If you’re concerned about the issue of lock bumping, contact RAM Security Locksmiths today and ask us about our bump proof locks in Melbourne and Perth.

>Lock Bumping Explained

Bumping is a simple yet effective technique. It involves using a modified key while bumping the lock and applying rotational force. These combined actions cause the lock to open for just a moment, allowing intruders to enter the property. Crucially, the pins in your lock will then return to the locked position, meaning there is no evidence that the lock has been forced.

Is Lock Bumping a Big Problem? How Can Bump Proof Locks Help?

While it has gained increased publicity at different points throughout the years, lock bumping is a long-established technique. The problem with lock bumping is not its newness, but rather, how easy it is to perform. All you need is the ability to modify a blank key and a common household tool like a hammer to bump the key.

After searching online for just a few minutes, you could find out where to get the tools and how to execute the technique. Whenever it’s spotlighted by the media, lock bumping only becomes more prevalent. On its own, lock bumping is no more threatening than any other method of intrusion. However, when it comes to making a claim, insurance providers will often be reluctant to payout due to the lack of evidence.

For these reasons, RAM Locksmiths can supply and install reliable bump proof locks at your property. Get in touch for further details!

Protect Your Property with Bump Proof Locks

At RAM Security Locksmiths, we offer industry-leading bump proof locks from trusted lock and key brands. These locks are specifically designed to combat the threat of lock bumping.

We can also recommend a range of other systems to protect your property, including electronic access control systems, biometric locks, and digital combination locks. Restricted key systems are also less vulnerable to lock bumping.

As always, optimal protection requires a multifaceted approach to security. Security lighting, alarm systems, CCTV, and safes are also recommended to protect against lock bumping.

To discuss home and business security and bump proof locks in Melbourne or Perth, contact us today.